Reasons Why Rebooting Fixes So Many PC Problems

05 May

Rebooting your computer may seem like a simple answer to complex computer problems, but more often than not, it’s just what your computer needs to fix itself. There are a variety of reasons that rebooting resolves computer issues. So, if you are experiencing any problems that don’t have an obvious solution, consider a reboot.

1. It frees up resources.

Running programs use up memory, space, and other resources. Sometimes things just slow to a crawl because management of these processes are not done well or properly. By rebooting, you clear this up and start anew. Even a computer can get make mistakes. Therefore, a simple reboot can remedy these problems.

2. It troubleshoots problems.

Rebooting is a basic troubleshooting step. Problems of all kinds can arise, and rebooting is a simple, easy step to fix many ofre-booting-pc-22 these issues. It also helps users try to replicate the problem. If the issue is continually taking place despite the reboot, you can start taking steps toward a more complex solution. If the problem can not be replicated, it’s probably resolved.

3. It removes errors.

A reboot can wipe away errors that were taking place. If you happened to encounter an issue, rebooting will act as an eraser, making the error disappear. However, if the error persists even after reboot, you have to take other steps to find a solution. A simple Google search is often enough to find solutions to common issues.

4.  It resets everything to it’s primary state.

When in doubt, reboot. At best, it will reset everything to it’s original state. If you are worried about losing data, don’t be. The computer has already decided what it’s going to let you keep and save. Rebooting won’t save what’s already lost, however, it can unfreeze your computer so that you can try to restore your data. Have you opened a malicious email – a reboot could help.

5. Sometimes, it just works.

This doesn’t sound like much of a reason, but it is. Applications could generate errors for no known reason; it’s just the nature of computers. There are times the computer is full of processing errors or other issues that are just simply resolved by a reboot.

Rebooting is the quickest of fixes for most common computer problems. If you’re experiencing freezing, the blue screen of death, a slow computer, or inability to connect to a router, consider a reboot. If rebooting does not fix the issues, here are some things you can do to find a solution:

Google it!

Check out forums for your OS or computer.

Contact Microsoft or Apple’s help desk. You can even visit their retail stores for assistance.

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