Pocket Computers in America: the Smartphone

05 May

Communication has taken an amazing leap in the last five years with the advent of the Smartphone. In America, especially, they can be seen in the hands of many children, teens, and adults, despite income or demographic. iPhones and the Android operating system have made it easy and inexpensive for everyone to enjoy what smart phones have to offer. They are the pocket computers everyone depends upon for communication, entertainment, and as a general tool to navigate the world. Most importantly, it offers access to the Internet, the current sum of human knowledge, at the tips of the user’s fingers and in their pockets. It’s the ultimate in terms of information mobility.

What’s so appealing about this technology? How does it differ from a conventional mobile phone?

Regular mobile phones such as flip phones and some early Blackberries were simple. They offered very few options, especiallysmartphones-img1 in the areas of entertainment and web-browsing capabilities. They also do not offer the same types of typing mechanisms we have today with touch screens. Numerical pads and button keyboards can be ineffective or bulky, respectively. Smartphones offer so much more than that, thus their appeal. Smartphones have computer-like graphics, cameras, video recording and watching, Internet browsing, and applications that offer infinite possibilities and opportunities for customization. As so many users will say, it’s all about customization. Creating a unique experience for oneself by installing software suited to the desires and needs of the user is by far the biggest benefit of smartphones.


Operating systems like the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows, and Symbian make using a smartphone just like using a computer. A great example of this one-to-one comparison are Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone and its Nexus 7 tablet. Each has incredible processing power, and the user experience is almost identical except for its size. The tablet, of course, is just too large to be used as a phone, but it can easily be used for things like video chat. The price, like so many smartphones and tablets on the market today, are very affordable.

Smartphone users make up over half of the mobile users in America, and that number continues to grow. It’s important for users and developers alike to recognize this trend. Smartphones are not a current fad or something that will soon be surpassed by another product. Indeed, they will continue to be a source of innovation, resources, and information. Soon, every person in the developed world will have access to a smartphone, and the world will continue to grow smaller with every new connection made.

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