How to Increase Your Home’s Wifi Speed

13 Mar

Having your Wifi move at a crawl can be incredibly frustrating. Your devices, laptop, and any other wireless device are practically useless. There are some easy steps you can take to increase your home’s Wifi speed. Even tech novices can easily complete many of these tips.

Check Your Internet.

Maybe the problem’s not with your Wifi, maybe it’s the internet itself. Grab yourself an Ethernet cord and connect your computer directly to the internet jack. If the connection is super low still, you will need to call your internet provider. They may be able to help you get a better connection.

Update Your Router’s Firmware.

Sometimes things are not functioning properly because they are not updated. There may have been fixes to software problems that you are currently experiencing. Check back with the manufacturer regularly to see if there is any new software available for your router.

Router Placement.  increase-wifi-speed

Believe it or not, where your router is placed in your home makes a huge difference. To avoid dead-zones, place your router centrally or where people in the household use their devices most. For large homes or homes with multiple levels, consider getting a second or even a third router for maximum coverage.

Check Your Wifi Channel.

You can download an easy app for your phone to check what Wifi channel you and your neighbors are using. By choosing a unoccupied or less-used channel, you’ll increase your Wifi capabilities. This is especially important in population-dense areas like cities and apartment complexes. Routers often default to channel 6, so look closely for unoccupied or low-occupation channels.

Look at Your Settings.

If you want the most out of your Wifi for your particular devices, check the router settings. Most devices are calibrated to work well with at least 2.4 GHz 802.11g, which goes up to 54 Mbps. This means you’ll want to check your router’s settings for this value.

Buy a Bigger Antenna.

With antenna’s, bigger is better. First, check to see if your antenna is removable. If so, buy a larger antenna. It can increase reception in your home 3-fold.


During really slow times, check your computer to see what or who is using up your bandwidth. You may find your kid is downloading content or perhaps someone is leeching your wifi (one more reason to have a very secure password in place and to change it often).

These are easy tips anyone can take to see what is slowing them down. Be sure to do these things periodically to ensure your Wifi is working optimally.

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