7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

21 May

Whether you are about to purchase your first smartphone or this is your fifth phone, there are some things that need to be considered. Like so many consumers, it’s not uncommon to be drawn in by one aspect of a product’s specifications. In the case of smartphones, maybe it looks really modern and sleek. Perhaps it has the newest Android software available on it. Or maybe it’s just the newest device on the market.

In any case, there is so much more to a smartphone than that. The worst scenario would be to purchase a phone, be stuck with it, and regret what you’ve bought. Don’t let that happen to you. Before buying your newest smartphone, consider the following:

1. What You Use Your Phone for Most

Do you casually use your phone to surf the net and take phone calls from friends? Or do you use it for work and entertainment, keeping you on it for the better part of your day? How much you use your phone matters. Battery life, memory, and applications you need all matter. Depending on the type of phone you buy, you need to know it’s compatible smartphone choiceswith your usage and lifestyle.

2. Physical Appearance

Hopefully, you will get at least 2 years of use out of your new smartphone. Since you have to look at it every day, you want to like the way it looks. Check out if the phones you are looking at have nice accessories or color options. This could factor into your final choice.

3. Technical Specifications

Time to get technical. Look at the size of the phone, screen size, aspect ratio, and hardware. Are they all to your liking? Check out reviews by other users. There may be something to the phone that you had not considered detrimental but is.

4. Refurbished or New

Refurbished phones are a great option if you’re on a budget, but they must be from a reputable dealer. Remember, these phones were previously used, and that could affect how it works. Make sure you get a guarantee if you go with a refurbished phone. As for new, you can count on it working right out of the box, but talk to your cell phone dealer about insurance in case your phone breaks or is stolen.

5. Unlocked Phones

You can often purchase unlocked phones online. These phones can be use with month-to-month usage plans and can be used with most carriers. Always double-check through online searches to see if your unlocked phone is compatible with your carrier. Don’t confuse an unlocked phone with one that is Jailbroken (iPhone) or Rooted (Android) – this website has some great easy to follow guides about Jailbreaking, Rooting and unlocking – you need to know the difference!

6. iOS or Android

Would iOS or Android be better for you? Android is more widely available on a variety phones while iOS is pretty much contained to iPhones. iPhones are a bit more pricey and only available through certain carriers. iOS is also proprietary software, meaning the user (you) has less control of making changes to the phones operating system. iOS is, however, very user-friendly in its interface.

7. Your Budget

The size of your savings will dictate what kind of phone you want. Consider budget-friendly phones if you are hoping to save some money or are planning to buy a bigger, better phone in the near-future. Sometimes you just need to ask yourself if it’s worth it. On another, more positive note, smartphones are becoming more and more inexpensive every year. The technology $100 worth of phone gets you is surprising.
Good luck on your smartphone search! Deliberate and research in order to find the best fit for you.

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